You can use the vendors of your choice but here are a few to help you get started. All vendors working on-site during the event (e.g. caterer, bartender, DJ, band, photographer, videographer) must provide a certificate of liability insurance with Rustic Barn Campground, LLC named as an Additional Insured. Caterers and bar services will have to provide additional documents verifying their ability to serve food and/or alcohol.

Beverage Services

  • It’s usually the best option to find a caterer that also has a liquor license to serve alcohol. In the case of a caterer that does not have a liquor license, we have a limited yearly number of temporary beer/wine permits, or we have a couple beverage services we can reach out to. We are working on getting our own license but it takes time. Thank you.



The caterer should provide enough staff to serve the prepared food, cleanup after themselves, and bus tables after food service.

DJs & Entertainment



Makeup / Hair



Transportation / Limos